March 14, 2013

Life and other things

It's been so long since my last post! Life has been pretty full on this month - I've discovered I can grow flowers in our new and improved garden, moving boxes of fabric and Johnsonware to their new homes in new cabinets, washing countless walls and getting the odd bit of work done here and there.

Pretty pink petunias and pottering around the garden in Naughty Shorts dresses.

So much Johnsonware has been unpacked, and I discovered the most delightful full set complete with roses and scalloped edges. It's absolutely divine, but although I love it I just cannot keep everything (much to my dismay). So this beauty has gone up for sale on the Facebook page, along with some more flowery cups and saucers 

The ones on the right are a special love of mine!

Some painting has also been going on, mostly just painting some desk storage for the moment (practising really). I do have some ideas for some embroidered prints, and if my test runs are ok I think I'll put them up on the page as well. I'd love your feedback when I do!

The most ah-mazing fudge in the whole wide world - Turkish Delight and Caramel Macadamia. As you might see, someone already had a bite of it before I could take a photo!

While ripping out the garden we met our neighbours - and it turned out they actually used to own this house and the ones around it! They renovated it themselves back in the 1990's and Vogue Australia photographed the house. Pretty exciting. They had this particular photograph framed, making us realise just how good the place can look once we do it up. Don't you just love the tiled hallway?!

I'll get some more photos from them and do a bit of a comparison as we go, and I'll update them as we go from room to room. But for now, it's just cleaning cleaning and more cleaning!

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