March 25, 2013

House shots

Just a few house shots as we slowly get around to cleaning and organising - so much sugar soap, so many rags and ladders everywhere. 

Loungeroom - complete with retro side table, sunflowers, medical prints, Pyrex and chocolate

I managed to wash half the walls in the loungeroom, the half I can actually reach. The colour difference is amazing! Most walls in the house are a creamy colour with a dark mint green trim, which makes for lovely bright rooms now their clean. But the old owners decided to decorate with pastel walls, grey carpet and a black and white tiled hallway - I guess the 90's wasn't only harsh on fashion.

When the sun's out, the cats will nap. In amongst some vintage sheets. 

The other side of the front garden. We have a path! Check out here for a picture of what it looked like before. So much more needs to be ripped out, well pretty much all of it bar the trees, and we'll have much more of an idea of how much room we have to work with when it's all gone. 

Setting up my studio. The trunk came from the Paddington Antique Centre in Brisbane in my first year of university. I remember being awestruck when my parents took me there, there was so much to see, so much to drink in. Although I had a tiny dorm room at college, I saw this trunk and absolutely had to have it. The suitcase I picked up this morning from my local op shop for $4. $4! Yes please. 

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