January 25, 2013

Rainy Days

This rainy day has seen me attempt to organise our study. Although there's still so much of my things still on boxes from the move, Tom and I have managed to set up a small space so that I can store all of my precious fabrics.

One day (soon, I'm sure) I'll actually put them to use and make something from them. There's so many ideas floating around, it's just time that's the hard thing to find. But some will find their way to the Suitcase Rummage in March, and to the facebook page 'shop'.

Anyway, while I was cleaning up I thought I would take a few photos of some recent patterns I've discovered in the past week or so.

January 22, 2013

This Weekend ...

Was jam-packed.

Firstly the faithful laptop decided not to co-operate with it's battery anymore, leaving me high and dry and in the need for something new.

3 hours later (I'm not the world's best decision maker when it comes to technological things) and I had a shiny new laptop in my arms.

Never leave me, my darling. 

On Sunday I went to my first Big Day Out ever. First and last probably, the likes of Sunset Sounds and Splendour are much more my style. There's something about being shoved up against 1000 other people, vying for a terrible view of whoever is on stage and wiping sweat off you that belongs to someone else that just screams 'I think I'm a little over this, I'd like to go home now'.

It was such a great day though - Vampire Weekend were amazing, I lost about 2kg in sweat watching Childish Gambino (Troy from the TV show 'Community' for those of you playing at home), The Killers were the surprise act of the day and despite sound issues, seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers was a teenage dream come true.

Childish Gambino
Image courtesy of Andrew Wade

Vampire Weekend

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Image courtesy of Andrew Wade

The hunt for a petrol station took me past a new little opshop where I discovered these beauties - I now think the pyrex cupboard is becoming more than a little full, I'll do a pyrex collection post soon!

But for now it's back to the real world, and I can't ignore the pile of articles and readings to be done for much longer.

January 17, 2013

Wallpaper goodness

Inspired by Laura from Kit & Nancy, when visiting Copenhagen a trip to Retro Villa was on top of the list. A wonderful oasis with an entire wall filled with vintage wallpaper, as well as textiles, ceramics and quirky bits and pieces adorning the shop. In short - it was close to heaven. 

After leaving the boy to wander around the streets in -2 degree weather, I turned and realised that this was not a place where you could just make a decision quickly. Knowing I could only take a few metres back with me, I narrowed my selection down to 3 patterns - an old classic, a geometric and a good old retro. It only took me forever! I wanted to take one of everything home! 

Looney Tunes love

This baby is getting framed!

A favourite to go in the kitchen

Completely content with my purchases, we made our way onto Amsterdam and I never expected to see anything quite like Retro Villa ever again. That is until we got lost looking for a museum and stumbled upon a kitchen shop. Stocked with Indian prints and melamine cups, it wasn't until I made my way towards the back that I discovered the mecca of all wallpaper collections. Piled high in an old wardrobe, there must have been about 40 rolls of it - some the same patterns, others completely different. Upon seeing the prices I begrudgingly came to grips that I could only, once again, choose a metre or two - that was until I was told it was for the whole roll!

I almost died. I couldn't get back to that wardrobe fast enough.

After another 30 minutes of trying to decide what I could and couldn't take back, I walked out of that shop on clouds, clutching 7 whole rolls of the good stuff. 

My absolute favourite.

Vintage love.

Full of happiness.

Floral overload.

Pink patterns


I've got yellow fever.

And I still don't know what I'm going to do with 73m of it all. Any suggestions or ideas?

January 16, 2013

Working Girl

After a few months off, it's time to get this show back on the road. The shop is up and running again - new things are coming! Canisters, Johnsonware and some new handmade items are on their way {get ready for some some cross-stitches, pillows, brooches}. I'll be at Suitcase Rummage again on March 3 in Brisbane for the first time in a few months - I'm so looking forward to it! It's always a great day.

The wallpaper post is on it's way today ... Stay tuned!

January 13, 2013

European Vacation

What started out as a fantasy on a whim last September turned out to a whirlwind 3 and a half week winter European vacation. 5 hours after my final exam (ever!) I flew out of Australia en route to Rome to meet up with the boy. We spent a few days with his huge Italian family in a small seaside town near Rome - eating, drinking, and even more eating. A 'small' Sunday family lunch consisted of about 6 courses, starting with lasagne and ending in all sorts of cakes and pastries. I was not at all prepared for that. 

After Rome came Venice, in the aftermath of the floods. It is such a beautiful city, and it's easy to  lose yourself in Venice. I managed to find the amazing mask gallery and workshop that I found on my last trip and we spent an hour trying on every single mask you could ever imagine - there were carnivale masks, opera masks, pirate hats, top hats and everything in between. 

Onwards to Germany and hello winter. Averaging around 1 degree for the time we were there, it was certainly a new experience. A day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle (the castle Walt Disney based the Disney castle on) saw us high up in the clouds, and ended in a beer and brewery tour - I think it's safe to say that German beer is definitely the best. 

A few days in the beautiful medieval city of Prague, followed by a few more in Copenhagen, and we landed in Amsterdam. My favourite new place. The canals, the art, the fashion, the architecture - everything about the city is just beautiful. 

Last but not least, we spent a few days in London and inadvertantly stumbled across the world première of Les Miserables. That's right. Just strolling around waiting for a table to become available and the next thing i hear is "and now ... HUGH JACKMAN". I almost lost it, and finally realised what the big crowds were for. We saw the arrival of all the stars - it was a very surreal experience. 

Travel will always hold a special place in my heart and to experience a winter with snow was just incredible. I know it won't be long til I return again - but maybe next time with a bigger bag!

Christmastime in Berlin

The majestic Colosseum


Colourful Copenhagen


The canals of Amsterdam

Love bikes!

Neuschwanstein Castle in the clouds of Barvaria

January 11, 2013

A fresh start

In a kick start to my year, I'm sitting writing this with a swollen face and a very fetching ice pack head gear. That's right, I had my wisdom teeth out and I'm ready for a few days of jelly and icecream eating, laying around watching Bond films and taking photos if I can remove myself from bed.

Having just moved house, my collections and finds have yet to be given some places to truly shine, but I promise when they do there will be plenty of photo sets to come.

The end of 2012 was an eventful one. I graduated from university after 6 long years with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Media and Communications - a great sigh of relief! Plus, a fancy red KitchenAid for a graduation present also made me very very happy.

Not only that, but I also embarked on a whirlwind European adventure in November/December. Leaving with only a very small, cabin sized backpack, I managed to come home with a giant blue suitcase filled with 73 metres (yes, you read that right) of vintage and retro wallpaper, and multitudes of German Christmas decorations. The trip deserves it's own post, so one will be on your way soon in a few days.

This year will see more blog posts, learning to bake, and a new course to become admitted as a solicitor, thrifting adventures, and more love and time spent with family and good friends. Welcome to 2013 - a new year, new drama and a time to re-evaluate the important things.

Christmas time with family and Naughty Shorts dresses