April 21, 2013


First up - the loungeroom.

Being a small, renovated worker's cottage, the loungeroom doesn't provide much space to work with. Good thing there's only two of us then!

The horrendous futon is now hidden away downstairs and in it's place is this deliciously comfy corner lounge. Squishy cushions and enough room for both of us to lie down means it's perfect for movie watching, Jamie Oliver drooling and My Kitchen Rules yelling ("why would you do that? HURRY UP" - yes, I know it's terrible, it's a horrible addiction).

 photo DSC_0182_zps74b3eb73.jpg

The couch is from Super Amart but surprisingly, it's comfortable and right now it just suits what we need. The coffee table is a replica Noguchi table that we bought from Replica Furniture - if you live in Brisbane and are in need of something new, I cannot recommend them enough! While we were there I fell in love (again) with Eames chairs and naturally, decided to get 6 of them when they come back in stock.

 photo IMG_1211_zps6f865523.jpg
 photo DSC_0158_zpsce8881ac.jpg
This little guy has got the hang of things

While delving around the Internet for cheapish decor, I came across Society 6. Entering Society 6 is like falling down a rabbit hole. You could spend hours on there and not even realise ... like 2 ... ok 3 hours, it's addictive. The prints are designed by artists all over the world and some can be made into cushions, shirts, iPhone cases, pretty much anything really. I've chosen the prints below as well as a few cushions to go with our new couch. Hopefully they'll give the place a happy, colourful vibe and once I frame them they'll adorne the walls in my office, the kitchen (the whisk print was too cool not to get) and the lounge.

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpsc7f35a64.jpg

ONE The Whisk Wasn't the Tallest by Marc Johns | TWO Easter Green by Colour Project | THREE Life is the Glorious Adventure by Twiggs Design | FOUR Wander by Wesley Bird | FIVE Ampersand by Matthew Taylor Wilson | SIX Tilting Triangles by Gary Andrew Clarke | SEVEN Retrographic by Budi Satria Kwan | EIGHT Orange Lollipop by Colour Project | NINE Future Globes 001 by Matthew Korbel-Bowers

So, it's getting there. Slowly but surely we'll have a home, and not just a house. And if you spend hours on Society 6, I'm sorry! (But let me know what you get)

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  1. gorgeous lady! love the coffee table. we're after a vintage gem and have seen so many beauties! love the new prints and cushions also! xx