April 12, 2013

7 Vignettes - April

A few weeks ago I was gifted an iPhone, and I've been snap happy and addicted to Instagram ever since. It's though this that I discovered the 7 Vignettes Challenged, created by the amazing Jen at Interior's Addict - it was just the creative challenge I needed. I had an absolute ball of a time putting these vignettes together, discovering stories, and perving on the beauty that can be created in this challenge.

I hope that you enjoy my vignettes almost as much as I enjoyed making them.

Day One - Favourite.
I love colour and The Beatles, so naturally this is a mishmash of the two. My mint condition Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band record I found when I was 16 (complete with cutout moustaches), a retro Micky Mouse phone, and glass vases - one filled with old coloured cotton collected over the years. 

Day Two - Layered.
My mum's fabric cupboard. Perfect in every way.

Day Three - Gifts.
I love wrapping gifts, I love receiving gifts. I was just lucky that it was my birthday the next day and these beauties were all ready to go. 

Day Four - Everyday.
A cup of tea is vital to the start of every morning.

 Day Five - Soft.
Inspired by the softness of feathers and silk, I just wanted to lay my head on this collection. 

Day Six - Rough.
Being from Central Queensland originally it would be a crime not to think of a pineapple as rough - in fact our whole town got together once a year to have 'Pinefest', I was even dressed as a pineapple on a kindergarten float when I was young. 

Day Seven - Secondhand.
Oh the choices I had for this theme! I could hardly contain myself to only three photos.

Antique books, tassels, oil lamp and typewriter

Only the best way to display old knitting needles. 

This is my family's 1926 Nash Ajax - a beautiful old cream car with red leather seats. Complete with vintage suitcases, driving goggles and gloves and a few scarves it's perfect for picniking. 

Hands down, my favourite theme to set up was secondhand. My house is full of it, I could have just photographed everything. I think the first theme, favourite, was the hardest - I just have so many favourite things it got difficult not to overload everything. 

I cannot wait til the themes for next month are listed, and a big thankyou to Interior's Addict for giving me something to look forward to!

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