January 11, 2013

A fresh start

In a kick start to my year, I'm sitting writing this with a swollen face and a very fetching ice pack head gear. That's right, I had my wisdom teeth out and I'm ready for a few days of jelly and icecream eating, laying around watching Bond films and taking photos if I can remove myself from bed.

Having just moved house, my collections and finds have yet to be given some places to truly shine, but I promise when they do there will be plenty of photo sets to come.

The end of 2012 was an eventful one. I graduated from university after 6 long years with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Media and Communications - a great sigh of relief! Plus, a fancy red KitchenAid for a graduation present also made me very very happy.

Not only that, but I also embarked on a whirlwind European adventure in November/December. Leaving with only a very small, cabin sized backpack, I managed to come home with a giant blue suitcase filled with 73 metres (yes, you read that right) of vintage and retro wallpaper, and multitudes of German Christmas decorations. The trip deserves it's own post, so one will be on your way soon in a few days.

This year will see more blog posts, learning to bake, and a new course to become admitted as a solicitor, thrifting adventures, and more love and time spent with family and good friends. Welcome to 2013 - a new year, new drama and a time to re-evaluate the important things.

Christmas time with family and Naughty Shorts dresses

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