January 22, 2013

This Weekend ...

Was jam-packed.

Firstly the faithful laptop decided not to co-operate with it's battery anymore, leaving me high and dry and in the need for something new.

3 hours later (I'm not the world's best decision maker when it comes to technological things) and I had a shiny new laptop in my arms.

Never leave me, my darling. 

On Sunday I went to my first Big Day Out ever. First and last probably, the likes of Sunset Sounds and Splendour are much more my style. There's something about being shoved up against 1000 other people, vying for a terrible view of whoever is on stage and wiping sweat off you that belongs to someone else that just screams 'I think I'm a little over this, I'd like to go home now'.

It was such a great day though - Vampire Weekend were amazing, I lost about 2kg in sweat watching Childish Gambino (Troy from the TV show 'Community' for those of you playing at home), The Killers were the surprise act of the day and despite sound issues, seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers was a teenage dream come true.

Childish Gambino
Image courtesy of Andrew Wade

Vampire Weekend

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Image courtesy of Andrew Wade

The hunt for a petrol station took me past a new little opshop where I discovered these beauties - I now think the pyrex cupboard is becoming more than a little full, I'll do a pyrex collection post soon!

But for now it's back to the real world, and I can't ignore the pile of articles and readings to be done for much longer.

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