January 17, 2013

Wallpaper goodness

Inspired by Laura from Kit & Nancy, when visiting Copenhagen a trip to Retro Villa was on top of the list. A wonderful oasis with an entire wall filled with vintage wallpaper, as well as textiles, ceramics and quirky bits and pieces adorning the shop. In short - it was close to heaven. 

After leaving the boy to wander around the streets in -2 degree weather, I turned and realised that this was not a place where you could just make a decision quickly. Knowing I could only take a few metres back with me, I narrowed my selection down to 3 patterns - an old classic, a geometric and a good old retro. It only took me forever! I wanted to take one of everything home! 

Looney Tunes love

This baby is getting framed!

A favourite to go in the kitchen

Completely content with my purchases, we made our way onto Amsterdam and I never expected to see anything quite like Retro Villa ever again. That is until we got lost looking for a museum and stumbled upon a kitchen shop. Stocked with Indian prints and melamine cups, it wasn't until I made my way towards the back that I discovered the mecca of all wallpaper collections. Piled high in an old wardrobe, there must have been about 40 rolls of it - some the same patterns, others completely different. Upon seeing the prices I begrudgingly came to grips that I could only, once again, choose a metre or two - that was until I was told it was for the whole roll!

I almost died. I couldn't get back to that wardrobe fast enough.

After another 30 minutes of trying to decide what I could and couldn't take back, I walked out of that shop on clouds, clutching 7 whole rolls of the good stuff. 

My absolute favourite.

Vintage love.

Full of happiness.

Floral overload.

Pink patterns


I've got yellow fever.

And I still don't know what I'm going to do with 73m of it all. Any suggestions or ideas?

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  1. a perfect post! love the photos and your choices! well done girly. xx