February 1, 2013

Hello Sunshine!

After a crazy week of weather, it's nice to finally see the sun out and shining. I hope that nobody was affected by the wind, floods and rain and that the water has gone and power is back on for you all. Thankfully we were fine as we're on a hill, but my poor black car had turned brown from all the mud blown into her. Least of my worries though.

So now that it's passed and sunny again, it was time to discover some unknown areas around Brisbane. Which naturally led me to some op shops, whereupon I discovered this beauty - an amazing retro sheet set in perfect condition!

I love when I discover pieces that have a little bit of history in them. This suitcase was owned by a Maxwell and by the looks of it, he had modified the inside to fit his old video camera. Tres cute, and it's going to be a wonderful place for the vintage cameras I got for Christmas.

Labels on the case and German instructions for the camera.

Last week I picked up the mixing bowls of this floral Pyrex pattern and I recently found the matching dish. Isn't it crazy that you can find matching items at totally different areas, days, weeks or months apart? I'd love to here what matching items you've found that have come about in different ways.

And the cutest Disney Word Book that a small child had a taken a love of drawing to. I'm going to save some of the pictures and put them into frames for around the house - there's sections for the kitchen, garden, toys, animals and the drawings are just too adorable to let go.

Cuteness overload.

Boat and bunting!

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