February 13, 2013

The best of times

This Sunday saw me head to an afternoon tea with three of the most beautiful creative and collective people out there. Hosted by Laura from Kit and Nancy, I (finally) met the amazing Sophie from Her Library Adventures and Kim from Kijaro, the collector queen.

That's right - it was an afternoon tea that dreams are made of and one that lasted 5 hours. Johnson jugs, a bit of Staffordshire and some of the sweetest treats you could ever imagine. Hours flew by discussing crazy op shopping stories, the love of Naughty Shorts dresses, our collections, design and style, and what's next for the future. It was just so lovely to be around people who truly understand the need to fossick around and collect, create and generally be a bit different.

Under strict instructions from Tom not to bring back anything (because that's usually the case when I visit Laura's) I naturally wandered through the front door clutching an armful of treats. I will miss this girl when she up and leaves us all for Europe and the bright lights and love filled hearts of Rotterdam.

Wallpaper and daisy delights.

I had Tom home with me yesterday, which is so rare and so lovely. Usually he's out the door by 7am and not back until 7 at night. Out all day in Cardiology, and moving to Anaesthetics next. People sometimes say to me 'what a power couple - a doctor and a lawyer, you must both be smart'. To which I think, this is the boy who has his boxers on back to front and plays in boxes with our cats; he's just a big kid at heart. And I love him to pieces.

So we ventured into the city despite the threatening rain and I wandered around the Cultural Centre, filling myself with fascination and inspiration.

Rain clouds coming in over the cold stone. 

Such a contrast to my (very) early morning yoga sessions. Every weekday for the month of February and I'm proud to say I've been going strong!

Tom had been thinking about buying a Mini Cooper for a while now, sort of a congratulatory present and something to make us feel good after a pretty horrible year, and so we made a impulse trip to a car yard.

And there it was. All hot chocolate and toffee coloured - with seats that look so delicious you could just take a bite out of them. One test drive later and we both had the biggest grins on our faces.

What have we done?!?

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